Hockey is Serious

Life is a game, hockey is SERIOUS!

The Serious Academy of Hockey's goal is to provide an exciting Hockey environment; maintaining the player's confidence and well-being as top priorities. This is gained through exceptional instruction focusing on skills and drills combined with functional conditioning.

Serious Academy of Hockey is the only all in one on ice and dry land training facility in Saskatoon.

What We Offer:

Serious Academy of Hockey is committed to developing hockey players in all areas of play. Through our extensive on and off ice programming players can find specialized training to meet their needs year round.

We strive to bring out the best in each player we work with helping them set and achieve their goals through our focused training on individual skill development.

Protocols Effective
July 6, 2020

Rod Hamm Memorial Hockey Facility

  • Team leaders / coaches / organizers must submit to a list of participants by email to the rink before every ice time.
  • Spectators (1 parent per participant) must sign in on arrival with name and phone number to facilitate contact tracing. Attendance records will be kept for one month and be used for the purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing. Spectators must use designated viewing area ONLY, and practice social distancing.
  • Maximum participants will be set at 20 including instructors.
  • Participants will arrive and be let in the building no more than 15 minutes prior to ice time and vacate immediately within 15 minutes of ice time ending.
  • Children unable to tie their own skates, must enter the facility with their skates on (tied outside, and use skate guards)
  • Each session can use 2 designated dressing rooms, with 8 participants per room, as well as 4 designated chairs located close to the Quakers room, or the Westley's room. It is up to the Instructor to designate which players go into which rooms. The White board in the lobby will indicate which rooms you are assigned to.
  • Everyone entering the facility must use the hand sanitizer provided and maintain 2 metre social distancing.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES (except participants water bottles)
  • Everyone must enter through the front door and use the assigned exits closest to their dressing rooms. One-way traffic only
  • Please review the Official Government Sports and Activities Guidelines below:

    Sports and Activities Guidelines >>



Please complete the following questionnaire and sign it no sooner then 24 hours before attending your scheduled camp.

New Preschool Learn to Skate

This program is perfect for the beginner skater to get comfortable on the ice

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Private and Semi-private On Ice Sessions

One on one instruction or small groups sessions, on ice training.

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Fall Breakfast Club

Breakfast Clubs are offered on weekday mornings from 7:00-8:00am throughout the season.

U9 / U11 September Breakfast Club >>

U9 Fall Breakfast Club >>

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