Hockey/Education Program

Our mission at Serious Academy of Hockey is to create an opportunity for individuals who have a passion for hockey to achieve their full potential in academics, athletics, and citizenship and to create long-term development in these areas. By ensuring that all our participants are being challenged and supported on and off the ice and keeping them accountable for their efforts, attitudes, and conduct we create an atmosphere for confidence, self-motivation, and independence to thrive.

We realize that excellence in all areas requires hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline, and commitment. Our educators, instructors, and trainers will work hard to ensure the resources and support are in place to make this possible for every student/athlete to succeed.

Our intention is to develop strong hockey skills in each individual participating by having daily purposeful on-ice sessions as well as alternating fitness and dryland, hockey skills training, and regular Hockey IQ. Through a “blended approach” to education we work towards assisting students/players to reach their highest potential in academics, athletics, and citizenship.

This program is open to applicants in grades 4-12.

We offer 1-4 day per week options. Missed days can be made up throughout the year.

We know that the unique tailored education programs combined with a passion for the game will help to create a year of major growth for all involved. We appreciate and value the opportunity to work with each individual who joins our program. Through a shared love of hockey, we work towards teaching young athletes not only about the game but valuable skills in life by developing a strong work ethic, leadership skills, confidence, a positive attitude, and respect for self and others.

Call 306-382-PUCK for further details or to discuss.

Hockey/Education Program Registration form:

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Daily Schedule

1:00-2:00 Performance Centre dryland training session

2:15-3:15 On-ice individual skill development session

3:30-4:15  Hockey IQ or Dryland Hockey Skills session.

Other Considerations

  • Student/players are expected to have their own transportation to and from Rod Hamm/Harold Latrace arena.
  • There is a SAH shuttle service offered to Estey School students for families who wish to sign up for it. The cost of the shuttle is dependent on the number of students using the service.
  • Any field trips transportation and associated cost will be provided/covered by SAH.
  • All players receive SAH jerseys at the start of the program.
  • During the year we work hard at developing strong leaders and independent thinkers. Time management and accountability are priorities within the program.
  • Our coaches and trainers will schedule and meet with parents and/or players during the year to discuss academics, progress on and off the ice and set goals as the players develop to ensure continued progress throughout the year.