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SAH Golf Education Program

SAH Golf Education Program

Our mission at Serious Academy of Hockey is to create an opportunity for individuals who have a passion for sports to achieve their full potential in academics, athletics and citizenship and to create long- term development in all of these areas. By insuring that all of our participants are being challenged and supported and keeping them accountable for their efforts, attitudes and conduct we create an atmosphere for confidence, self motivation and independence to thrive.

We realize that excellence in all areas requires hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline and commitment. Our educators, instructors and trainers will work hard to ensure the resources and support is in place to make this possible for every student/athlete to succeed.

Our intention is to develop strong golf skills in each individual participating by having daily purposeful training including regular visits to the Saskatoon Golf Dome, Saskatoon Golf and Country Club, ongoing sports nutrition education, mental training, individualized fitness programs focused on strength, stability and flexibility and more! Through a "blended approach" of education we will work towards assisting students/players to reach their highest potential of academics athletics and citizenship.

SAH Golf Academy will be under the direction of Philip and Patty Jonas. They have been instructing and coaching golf to juniors and adults for over 30 years and have recently relocated to Saskatoon. For further details please see their website at

SAH schedule will be flexible, putting academics in the forefront as well as SAH staff will have necessary communication with the GSCS and SPS teachers to insure all areas of the student/player's academics are being met first and foremost.

This program is open to applicants in grades 4-12.

No two individuals learn the same way and at the same pace. As such, the Golf Academy has adopted a highly personalized teaching method to foster the development of each individual player. From beginner to seasoned players, our goal is for our student/athletes will leave the Academy with the confidence and the tools necessary to improve their game during the summer.

Golf Academy 2023

Golf Academy details for the 2023 season to be announced soon.

Check back for registration information.