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'D' Zone Training

Winter 'D' Zone Training

Serious Academy of Hockey is offering specific training for defensemen.

Learning the art of playing defense is a career-long challenge. It can be the most difficult position in hockey to master, both physically and mentally. The best players are skilled skaters, masterful passers, expert shot and playmakers and gritty competitors.

The stereotypical big, strong, physical player with somewhat less skating ability, speed and agility than forwards is being replaced with an athlete still sharing the traits of strength and physical play, but who is now relied on to match speed with attacking forwards, quarterback the team attack and participate to a far greater degree in the rush and play in the offensive zone including shooting skills.

  • Forward/backward skating and edge control-Hockey specific power skating
  • Stick, body, net and odd-man rush positioning
  • Gap control, pivoting, neutral zone responsibility
  • Angling, low battles, first pass, transitioning
  • Shot making instruction:
    • Forehand, backhand, slap and forehand shot
    • Shooting accuracy, to score, for deflections, walk the line
  • Stick management, offensive, neutral and defensive zone passing
  • Power play responsibilities and opportunities
  • Battle and Compete instruction:
    • Winning one on one battles in the corners and the walls, body checking and avoidance
    • Domination in faceoff circle, in front of the net
    • Controlling your opponent, protecting your goalie


U13 and U15


January 17th - March 14th, 2023
Excluding February 21st

Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am

Please check back for upcoming program schedule.


Rod Hamm Memorial


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